Jet Card

The Asia Jet Card

Asia Jet’s jet card offering has been serving clients needs for more than 8 years and offers the typical pre-paid jet card advantages and freedoms you would expect.

The Asia Jet Card offers you the ultimate flexibility to book charters at extreme short notice, such as in an emergency, when stranded by commercial flight cancellations, or when your own private jet has been grounded. The beauty of the card is that you already have funds on account to utilize day or night at a drop of a hat.

The Asia Jet Card is effortless – it’s the only jet card you need in your wallet – you simply call your dedicated account manager or our 24-hour hotline and book your trip.

Benefits of Using the Asia Jet Card

Unlike competing products, where members are limited to specific regions and aircraft type, the Asia Jet Card is a worldwide solution – you can use the card to fly anywhere in the world, on any aircraft you desire. With your money held in a segregated account, the expiration date is quite flexible and the funds are fully refundable at any time.

Another benefit is that the card offers value for money, compared to its competition – you receive increased flight time for your investment, meaning that you can fly further for less, making high hourly costs a thing of the past.