With its world class engineers, experienced in AOG’s, offering both line and heavy maintenance as well as its award winning maintenance planning CAMO department Hongkong Jet Engineering has established itself as a leading maintenance organization able to support our managed clients fleet of aircraft and many transient third party clients’ needs as well. Hongkong Jet Engineering department holds approval certificates from the following states of aircraft registry; namely US/FAA, Bermuda/BCAA, Cayman Island/CAACI and Hong Kong/HKCAD.

Through its JMM – Joint Maintenance Management, Hongkong Jet can also certify Macau and China registered aircraft under its airworthiness requirements license HKAR-145.

Hongkong Jet also has an agreement under a TA – Technical Arrangement to work on Canadian registered aircraft.

Bombardier BD-700 with engine RRD BR710HK, Cayman, Bermuda, FAA
Bombardier CL-600-2B16 with engine CF34HK, Cayman, Bermuda, FAA
Gulfstream GV-SP (G550) with engine RRD BR710HK, Cayman, Bermuda, FAA
Gulfstream GIV-X-Series with engine RRD TayHK, Cayman, Bermuda, FAA
Gulfstream GVI (G650) with engine RRD BR725Cayman, Bermuda
Airbus A319-110 Series with engine CFM56Cayman, Bermuda
Airbus A318-110 Series with engine CFM56Cayman, Bermuda
Dassault Falcon 7X with engine PW307ACayman, Bermuda


AOG engineering hotline: +852 31261010

Head of Maintenance Ng Kong Fook : +852 9100 2170
Maintenance Support Manager Alex Law : +852 9100 9776